Will Smith has a Youtube vlog!

Will Smith


    Will Smith has a YouTube Vlog!

     Will Smith recently launched a personal Vlog on YouTube where he will be bringing viewers along on his daily adventures. Smith sighted personal creativity & reach with his fan base as the reasons for creating his new channel.

     It goes to show how important an internet presence & following can be these days. Other celebrities like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson have also begun Vloging recently.

     Whats great about these vlogs is the 'behind the scenes' access we get to the daily lifestyles, demanding schedules & workloads these guys have.

     President Trump has a Twitter & these days its becoming common for high profile personalities to have a personal & direct connection to their fan base.

     In most cases these personal accounts provide a more intimate & personal view of a personalities daily life than a publicist account can portray.

     At this point 'The Rock' has about three and a half million subscribers. Will Smith got 100 thousand subs on his first day & is at 750 thousand now.

     Some YouTubers are Speculating on weather more big celebrities will start vlogs & channels. There was a time when Hollywood somewhat 'shunned' development or involvement in YouTube, possibly with fears of it 'devaluing' an Actor's Film or Television brand. In the early days of YouTube & the Internet the thinking seemed to be “Let the public figure out if its really cool or not” but here we are 15 years later where an internet presence is expected of any professional endeavor. These people are all over the net & YouTube anyways, so why not take creative control themselves, & earn a few dollars too.


        The early days of YouTube were pioneered by mostly 'regular folks' who had something to share, or were an authority on a topic of interest. None of this fit into Hollywood's definition of conventional 'Entertainment', but with the spread & popularity of internet content & video, the apatite & attention of the public has changed radically with people surfing the web for hours every day. Celebrities have simply figured out that its advantageous (& simple) for them to have control over their own voices & content online.

        As for Will Smiths new channel, his launch coincided with the launch of his latest Netflix film 'Bright'. In his first video we get a chance to see him on a Publicity Tour for the film as he travels & meets fans.

        Have a look for yourself & let us know what you think. Does Will Smith have the makings of a YouTube star??


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