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Give Yourself the World for Vacation

The great thing about using the services of charter yacht companies to plan your vacation during the spring and summer is that you really are never limited to one part of the world for where you spend your vacation. Chartering a yacht that is like your own private floating resort. You can enjoy all the luxury you want and deserve and the freedom to take that yacht wherever your heart desires.

There are a lot of levels of yachting but for maximum luxury, engage a company to give you a full crewed yachting experience.  That means you have a crew on board to pamper you and your family and guests and you have no more to do than to sit back and enjoy your destinations in comfort. That is really what vacation is all about after all.

For many of us, to own a luxurious boat that you can take out when and where you want is a great way to exemplify success. There are some drawbacks to ownership compared to simply chartering a yacht to fit your travel plans.  For one thing ownership also brings the overhead of storage and maintenance.  You may enjoy your yacht many weeks during the months when going out on the waters is perfect but for the winter months or when the weather forbids it, that yacht has to be secured and protected. Every year there is ongoing care and maintenance so the yacht both looks good and is safe for your next seafaring adventure.

The other drawback is that owning a yacht almost dictates that your vacation time will be spent in a specific area of the world. If you keep your yacht off the coast nearby, you always have it there to go out but it cannot take you around the world without a lot of trouble of transportation of the yacht.  In that way a yacht you own is like a timeshare because buying it is like saying, we will want to spend our time in this body of water and yachting these shores pretty much forever.

By going the chartered yacht route, you can enjoy all the pleasures and luxuries of yachting but the world is your oyster in terms of where your adventures will occur.  You can be in Cancun one month and yachting off the coast of Greece the next. Because you are only chartering for the time you enjoy the yacht, you have no concerns for caring for the boat once your vacation is over.  You let the charter company worry about that and you can just go out on that yacht again when you have another vacation to plan in that part of the world.

Chartering a yacht has a lot of advantages over a cruise ship or staying at a luxury resort because where you go is entirely yours to chart.  You can explore remote parts of the shoreline or go deep for some serious fishing if the mood suits you.   That crew and that ships captain are there only to serve your needs, respond to your requests and keep you happy and safe throughout your cruise.  You don’t have the agenda of the crew or of the other passengers to concern yourself with and none of the inconveniences that being on a large cruise ship can cause.

In many ways charter yachts in different exotic locations is the ideal vacation plan.  If you have not tried it yet, it's easy to find a charter company for a short time at sea.  Once you enjoy yachting at this level of luxury and having the fun and excitement of being the master of that domain, you may want to come back again and again for the great vacation possibilities charter yachting can provide.


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