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Exploring Your Inner-Self

Exploring Your Inner-Self

The actual psychological personality of a person is referred to as the ‘self’. Each one of us has a hidden self within us, but we are not aware of it. A human being thinks that it is his consciousness that leads his actions. Actually, our inner self guides our behavior in our day-to-day life. This self is constructed and undergoes transformation with the passage of time as we experience new things.

Ego also forms a part of our inner self. It makes us fight for our own identity in the world. It stresses in an individual existence of a human being separated from others. This will make an individual proud or selfish. He will neglect certain facts, which will be an obstacle in his self-awareness and thereby degrading his self-development. Thus for the development of the inner-self, the foremost step is self-introspection.

This means that an individual should look within himself and analyze his own personality for self improvement. This way he will be able to make out his own strengths and weaknesses. After this, it will be easy for him to take on the actual methods that can add to his strengths and subtract from his weaknesses. A person will then become more attracted towards the positive ways of life. This can be selfless service towards humanity and moving away from the negative thoughts of life such as jealousy and frustration. This will lead to the healing of the inner-self.

Another way of self-healing is to take on an optimistic attitude towards life. Many of us are prone to pessimistic thinking, which is the reason why we fail to realize the possibility of a solution to problems. Taking on a positive and constructive attitude will give an individual the strength to face the problems of life and seek solutions.

Self-healing adds to the energy level of an individual and also aids in curing disorders like insomnia, aches, depression, and various physical and mental ailments. Meditation and yoga are some of the other ways that help a person in the realization of a higher self.

Meditation is a method of healing that helps us think above our own individuality and think for the development of humanity as a whole. It is a three way process that works through self-regulation, self-exploration and self-liberation.

Meditation helps us to keep check on our animal desires and improves our concentration. This brings out our potential by way of several exercises and strengthens our character. It leads us to a spiritual realization and bridges the gap between our real and true self. Moreover, meditation helps up realize our mistakes and weaknesses and it brings about a transformation in our personality. Last but not the least, it reveals to us the truth of life and death and contributes in one’s process of self-healing. 

Yoga, on the other hand, helps in achieving the tranquility of mind. It provides relaxation and reduces stress that helps in self-healing.

Self-love is a method of transformation for our inner self. Every person has the desire to be clear, balanced, healthy & whole. If we take the time and care to practice these methods of self discovery and self improvement with consistent effort, the effects will become more apparent in each day.

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